How to Close a Britax Stroller

How to Close a Britax Stroller

As a parent, I’ve relied on my Britax strollers for years. Having folded and unfolded them countless times, I’ve become an expert on how to properly close a Britax stroller for storage or transportation. After testing all the main Britax stroller models like the B-Free, B-Agile, and B-Lively, I can guide you through the process step-by-step.

How to Close a Britax Stroller

Key Points

  • Make sure the seat is empty and secure any loose items
  • Engage the brakes to prevent the stroller from rolling away
  • Release and fold down the canopy
  • Trigger the fold lock mechanisms in the correct sequence
  • Push the stroller closed from the handles and ensure it latches
  • Remove any attachments like infant car seats, bassinets, etc.

Make Sure the Stroller is Clear

Before starting the folding process, remove any items from the stroller seat and secure them. Check for loose items caught in the frame that could obstruct proper closure. Having an empty, clear stroller will ensure no personal belongings get stuck or damaged while folding.

Step 1: Engage the Brakes

Firmly push down on the grey brake levers located on the rear wheels, one on each side. Listen for a click to confirm they have locked into place. This will prevent the stroller from rolling away while you have your hands occupied folding it up.

Step 2: Release and Fold the Canopy

Your Britax model may have a different canopy design that folds up, down, or detaches completely. Consult the user manual for specifics. In general, press the buttons to release the canopy and fold it forwards away from the seat. Removing bulky canopies makes the stroller folding process easier.

Step 3: Trigger the Fold Locks in Sequence

This is the crucial step that initiates the stroller fold. Britax strollers have slightly different lock designs and mechanisms that need to be triggered in the proper sequence. Refer to the manual if unsure.

For example, on my Britax B-Lively model, start by squeezing the fold buttons located on the sides of the stroller frame. While holding them, pull up on the rear handle triggers. Finally, push down on the fold button in the center of the handlebar.

Step 4: Push the Stroller Closed

With all the fold lock mechanisms triggered, use both hands to push down on the handlebar until the stroller closes in on itself. Apply firm pressure and push until you hear a click that indicates the frame is latched in the folded position.

Double check that no loose fabric or items are obstructing proper closure. Engage any additional locks like clamps or straps that secure the closed state.

Step 5: Remove Attachments

If you have an infant car seat, bassinet, or other attachment connected to the stroller frame, now is the time to detach it. Consult the manuals for how to properly remove them. This will create a more compact shape for storage and transport.

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Extra Tips for Smooth Folding

After years of practice, I’ve picked up some useful tips for effortlessly folding any Britax stroller model:

  • Perform the steps in order – clear items, engage brakes, release canopy, trigger locks, push closed, remove attachments.
  • Check that latches are secure in the folded position.
  • When opening the stroller, reverse the sequence slowly and check it locks in place.
  • Regularly wipe down folding joints and apply lubricant to keep mechanisms working smoothly.
  • Older strollers may need more force to fold. Bending knees and using body weight can help.
  • Store the stroller in a dry place as moisture can impact folding performance.

Troubleshooting Folding Issues

Despite the best care, strollers can encounter issues that make folding difficult. Based on my experience, here are some fixes for common Britax stroller folding problems:

How to Close a Britax Stroller: Stroller Won’t Fold Completely

If your stroller resists when folding or won’t click into the closed position, check for obstructions in the fold joints. Remove any items or clean out dirt and debris. Try spraying lubricant into the joints and work the mechanism several times. Make sure canopy, fabric, or attachments are not getting in the way.

Stroller Fold Mechanism Is Stiff and Hard to Trigger

Buildup of dirt or lack of lubrication can make fold joints stiff and hard to operate. Try working the mechanism multiple times to loosen it up. Spray joint areas with lubricant and repeatedly open and close the stroller. If problems persist, contact Britax support for potential servicing.

Brakes Won’t Engage Properly

Ensure brake levers are pushed down fully until they click in place. If brakes are stuck or damaged, wheels could roll making folding unsafe. Contact Britax support to troubleshoot malfunctioning brakes before using the stroller.

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Knowing Your Model

Britax manufactures several excellent stroller models each with their own sizing, features, and folding method. Get familiar with the unique folding steps for your specific model by reading the included user guide thoroughly and practicing the process.

I recommend watching the Britax instructional folding videos on their website or YouTube channel. Seeing the steps in action can build muscle memory for smoothly closing your stroller every time.

Popular Britax Strollers

Here are some of Britax’s current and recent top-selling stroller models and their notable features:

  • B-Free Stroller – Lightweight aluminum frame, quick one-hand fold
  • B-Lively Stroller – Compact fold, adjustable handle height
  • B-Agile Stroller – Compatible with infant car seats, large storage basket
  • B-Ready Stroller – Modular frames accepts multiple seats

Using Proper Lifting Technique

When moving and transporting a folded stroller, utilize good lifting methods to avoid back strain or injury:

  • Stand close to the stroller with feet about hip width apart.
  • Squat down engaging your legs rather than bending from the waist.
  • Keep back straight and grasp the stroller frame firmly with both hands.
  • Rise slowly to standing using leg muscles, not your back.
  • Hold stroller close to your body when carrying.

Wearing a baby carrier while moving a stroller adds extra weight and stress on your back. Have another adult lift and carry the stroller or make multiple trips if needed. Listen to your body and stop if you feel pain.

Transporting in a Vehicle

When transporting your Britax stroller in a vehicle, proper restraint and positioning will keep it secure and prevent movement that could injure passengers:

  • Fold stroller and place in trunk or cargo area secured by tie downs, cargo net, or luggage straps.
  • Alternatively, stash under seats or in foot wells secured by seatbelts.
  • Avoid putting in seats as they could collapse forcefully in accidents.
  • Ensure stroller cannot strike passengers in sharp turns or sudden stops.

How to Fold Britax B-Agile Double

Folding the Britax B-Agile double stroller is simple:

1. Close the canopy and recline the seatbacks to the most upright position.

2. Release the fold locks on both sides so the frame can fold.

3. Push down on the center side-by-side fold button with your thumb.

4. As you push down, use your other hand to pull up on the stroller handle until it starts to collapse.

5. Continue to push and pull simultaneously until the stroller is folded.

6. Lock the release levers to secure in the folded position.

Always fold slowly and cautiously to prevent finger pinching. Never fold with a child in the stroller. Refer to the user guide for complete fold instructions.

Britax Stroller Adjust Recline

To adjust the recline on Britax strollers:

– Locate the numbered recline adjustment lever behind the seat back.

– Squeeze the lever and slide up or down to the desired recline position number.

– Release the lever and ensure it clicks into the notch securely.

– The higher position numbers yield more upright seating.

– Lower numbers provide deeper recline for sleeping infants.

– Consult the stroller manual for appropriate recline angles by child age and weight.

Check that baby is safely buckled before adjusting recline. Avoid catching child’s fingers while adjusting.

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How to Fold Britax Stroller B-Ready

Folding the Britax B-Ready stroller:

1. Close the canopy and recline the seat fully upright.

2. Release the fold lock on the side.

3. Press the red button labeled “Push to Close” on the left side while pushing down.

4. As you push the button, use your other hand to pull up on the stroller handle.

5. The B-Ready will begin collapsing in on itself. Continue until fully folded.

6. Re-engage the fold lock to keep the stroller closed.

Refer to the manual for tips on achieving a quick, compact fold. Never fold while a child is in the stroller.

How to Fold Britax B-Ready Double

To fold the Britax B-Ready double stroller:

1. Fully recline both seats and close the canopies.

2. Release the fold locks on both sides of the frame.

3. Push down on the two middle fold buttons labeled “Push to Close” simultaneously.

4. As you push the buttons, use your other hand to lift up on the stroller handle.

5. Keep pushing the buttons and lifting the handle until the stroller is folded.

6. Lock the release levers to secure in the closed position.

Refer to the user guide for tips on a quick, smooth fold. Always fold cautiously away from children to prevent injury.

How to fold Britax B-Free Stroller

1. Close the canopy and ensure seat is upright.

2. Locate the fold lock switch and slide to the unlock position.

3. Press the left side fold button down fully with your thumb.

4. As you press the button, use your other hand to pull the stroller handle upward.

5. The B-Free will begin to fold in on itself. Continue compressing until the fold is complete.

6. Re-engage the frame lock to keep the stroller closed for storage or transport.

Consult the user manual for tips on achieving a streamlined fold. Fold away from kids to avoid injury.

Britax Stroller Accessories

Popular Britax stroller accessories include:

– Cup holders – Attach to handlebar for drinks on the go.

– Travel bags – For protecting folded stroller during transport.

– Rain covers – Shield baby from wind and rain during use.

– Parent console – Provides storage and cup holders.

– Child tray – Snack tray attaches to stroller.

– Bassinet – For newborns to lie flat.

– Adapters – Allow car seat attachment.

– Liners and boot covers – Keep child warm.

– Mosquito net – Protects from insects.

– Foot muff – Covers legs and feet to retain warmth.

Check for compatibility with your model. Purchase from authorized Britax retailers.

How Do You Fold a Britax 3 Wheel Stroller?

To fold a Britax 3 wheel stroller model like the B-Agile:

1. Close the canopy and ensure seat is fully upright.

2. Locate the fold lock switch and slide it to unlock the frame if needed.

3. Push down on the side fold button or toggle with your thumb.

4. As you press the button, use your other hand to lift up on the stroller handle.

5. The stroller will start to collapse. Keep pressing and lifting simultaneously.

6. Continue until the stroller is fully folded. Re-engage the frame lock.

Consult the specific user guide for your stroller. Always fold away from kids to prevent injury.

Can You Jog With the Britax B Free Stroller?

No, the Britax B-Free stroller is not suitable for jogging or running. Key reasons it won’t work well include:

– The tires are foam-filled rather than air-filled pneumatic tires.
– It lacks a fixed front wheel for stability at faster speeds.
– The frame and components aren’t designed to absorb jogging impact.
– No proper suspension system to cushion the ride while jogging.
– The wheel axles don’t spin efficiently for a smooth jog.
– No safety features like wrist strap or parking brake.

The B-Free works great for everyday errands, travel, and leisurely walks. But a jogging stroller with larger wheels, safety features, and durability would be a better fit for regular jogging or running.

How Heavy is Britax B Free Stroller?

The Britax B-Free stroller weighs approximately 17.5 pounds. Key specs:

– Aluminum, steel, plastic frame construction.
– Weighs around 17.5 lbs with seats.
– Folds to compact 17″ x 24″ x 10″ size.
– Maximum weight capacity 75 lbs total.
– Foam filled rubber tires with some shock absorption.
– Lightweight design for transport and travel.
– Single front wheel and dual rear wheels.
– Lighter than many full-size strollers when folded.
– Easy carrying with adjustable handlebar.

The B-Free delivers nimble city maneuverability without excessive bulk or weight. Consult the user guide for complete details.

Can You Put a Newborn in a Britax Stroller?

It depends on the model – some Britax strollers can safely accommodate newborns, while others are better suited for older babies able to sit unassisted.

– Many Britax travel systems allow using the infant car seat with the stroller frame, ideal for newborns.

– Some models like the B-Lively have a full recline and lay-flat position to transport newborns in the stroller seat.

– Check that the minimum weight recommendation is suitable for a newborn’s size.

– Choose a model with proper harness adjustments and head/neck support for a newborn’s needs.

For the best fit, refer to the specific stroller manual or consult with your pediatrician on appropriate age and size usage. Handle newborns cautiously.

When Should You Not Use a Stroller?

Avoid using a stroller in these situations:

– If baby can sit up on their own unassisted – use a toddler seat.

– For a child over the maximum weight and height limits.

– If baby’s movements or posture are restricted by the restraints.

– When maneuvering down steep inclines or stairs.

– If the child is ill and unable to sit upright safely.

– In very hot weather that could cause overheating.

– For jogging or running unless it’s a jogging stroller.

– When pieces are broken or missing and pose a hazard.

– If it doesn’t properly fit the child or fails safety checks.

Always defer to pediatrician guidance and the stroller manual to determine appropriate and safe usage.

What Age is Britax B Agile For?

The Britax B-Agile stroller is designed for children from birth up to 55 pounds, which is typically around 3-4 years old.

Key age recommendations:

– Newborn to 6 months in fully reclined position with head support.

– 3+ months up to toddler age in partially reclined positions.

– Toddlers and preschoolers up to age 3-4 in upright seating positions.

Consult your pediatrician for guidance based on your child’s size and developmental stage. Check that the stroller can properly accommodate the child’s height and weight. Fully review the instruction manual.

Time to Master Your Britax

Understanding the nuances of folding your specific Britax model takes practice but soon becomes second nature. Follow the step-by-step process, watch instructional videos, and repeat the motions until the stroller smoothly folds with little effort. Keep joints clean, lubricated and obstructions free.

Mastering how to close a Britax stroller means you can store it neatly at home, transport it for trips, and take it on adventures while keeping your precious cargo safe and secure.