How to Fold Britax Stroller

How to Fold Britax Stroller

Folding up your Britax stroller properly is important to keep it in good condition and make it easy to transport and store. While Britax strollers are designed to fold compactly, the folding mechanisms can be tricky until you get the hang of them. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the steps on how to fold Britax stroller.

How to Fold Britax Stroller

Key Points

  • Prepare the stroller for folding by removing any accessories and adjusting the seat
  • Locate the fold lock or release mechanism and disengage it
  • For umbrella strollers, press the release buttons and collapse the frame
  • For joggers and travel systems, fold by pulling up on the secondary handle
  • Finish folding the stroller tightly and engage all locks to secure
  • Clean and store properly after folding to prevent damage

Preparing to Fold the Stroller

Before you start the actual folding process, there are a few things you need to do first to get your Britax ready:

Remove Accessories

Take off anything attached to the stroller like cup holders, parent consoles, weather shields, etc. Detaching any accessories will allow the stroller to fold smaller and prevent damage.

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Adjust the Seat

The seat unit needs to be in the proper position to allow the frame to fold. For many Britax models, you’ll need to recline the seat all the way back. Adjust any calf supports or foot rests to their upper positions as well.

Empty Storage Basket

Clear out the storage basket underneath the seat. You don’t want any items getting crushed or interfering with the folding mechanism.

Activate Brakes

Engage the wheel brakes to prevent the stroller rolling around while you’re folding it.

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Folding Mechanisms for Different Styles of Britax Strollers

Britax makes several types of strollers, each with their own unique folding method. Here are the basic steps for the main styles:

Umbrella Strollers

Britax umbrella strollers are lightweight and designed for quick, one-handed folding. Here’s how to fold an umbrella Britax:

  1. Close the canopy and make sure the seat is reclined and footrest raised.
  2. Stand behind the stroller and locate the fold buttons on either side of the frame.
  3. Press and hold the buttons while pushing forward on the handlebar until the stroller collapses.
  4. The stroller will fold up on its own. Make sure it latches securely.

Jogging Strollers

Folding a Britax jogging stroller takes a few more steps:

  1. Remove the front wheel and set the wheel lock to swivel mode.
  2. Recline the seat fully back and raise the adjustable handlebar.
  3. Rotate the release mechanism under the handlebar and unlatch it.
  4. Lift up on the secondary handle under the seat until the frame folds.
  5. The auto-lock will click into place when fully folded.

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Travel Systems

Britax travel systems with infant car seats attached fold up just like the joggers:

  1. Recline the seat and raise the handlebar and footrest.
  2. Unlatch the release under the handle and lift the secondary handle.
  3. The stroller will fold up with the car seat attached.
  4. Make sure the frame locks securely before lifting.

Finishing the Fold

Once you’ve started the folding process on your Britax, there are some final steps to ensure it folds up properly:

Fold Tightly

When first folded, many Britax strollers won’t be as compact as they can be. Push down on the seat unit or handles to fold it as tightly as possible.

Secure Latches and Locks

Listen for click sounds to ensure fold locks and latches have properly engaged. The stroller will often feel very loose until you hear the clicks.

Check Folding Alignment

Make sure both sides have folded evenly and fabric isn’t caught in the frame. Unfold and refold if needed.

Wrap and Buckle Straps

Pull any shoulder straps around the back of the seats and buckle them. This keeps them organized and prevents tangling.

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Cleaning and Storing the Folded Stroller

Once your Britax is folded up, a few final steps will keep it in great shape for next use:

Clean the Frame and Fabric

Wipe down the frame and seat with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Spot clean messes on fabric with mild soap and water.

Install Storage Bag

Slide on the included storage bag and cinch it closed to keep dust and moisture off.

Stand Upright for Storage

Store the folded stroller upright in a closet or corner to save space. Never stack other objects on top.

Practice Regular Maintenance

Occasionally inspect the folding joints for damage and keep wheels and axles debris-free. Extend the lifespan through proper use and care.

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Troubleshooting Folding Issues

While Britax strollers are well-designed, you may occasionally encounter issues getting one to fold correctly. Here are some common problems and solutions:

Stroller Won’t Fold Fully

If the stroller won’t fold all the way or feels stuck, make sure the seat is fully reclined, the fold lock is disengaged, and you are lifting in the right spots. Realign and try again slowly.

Fabric Obstructing Frame

Fabric can sometimes get caught in folding joints. Unfold slightly and reposition the fabric before refolding. Remove attached accessories interfering.

Stroller Unfolds On Its Own

Locks are not engaging properly if the stroller unfolds when lifted. Always hold it closed tightly and listen for the lock clicks before picking up.

Loose Frame When Folded

If the folded stroller frame feels wobbly, the folding joints need to be tightened. Unfold, realign, and fold again, pushing down hard on the seat to tighten.

Conclusion: How to Fold Britax Stroller

Learning how to fold Britax stroller takes some practice, but soon becomes quick and easy. With a few preparation steps to clear accessories and adjust the seat, you simply need to release the folding mechanism and lift in the right spots. Finish by tightly folding, locking everything in place, and cleaning before storage. Keep your Britax in top shape for years by mastering how to fold it correctly.

With a bit of experience folding your particular Britax model, you’ll be doing it seamlessly in no time. Compact and organized stroller folding makes transporting and storing your Britax quick and hassle-free. Just be sure to always follow the safety guidelines in your user manual as well. Happy strolling with your perfectly folded Britax