How to Open a Britax Stroller

How to Open a Britax Stroller

As a parent of two young kids, I’ve gone through my fair share of strollers over the years. My current go-to is the Britax B-Lively model. While I absolutely love this stroller for its maneuverability and lightweight design, it did take me some time to get the hang of opening and closing it smoothly.

In this post, I’ll share my experience on the process on how to open a Britax stroller, specifically the B-Lively and B-Free models. As a busy parent familiar with these strollers, I can provide helpful tips to make this process quick and hassle-free.

How to Open a Britax Stroller

Key Points

  • Always consult the user guide for your specific model
  • Release the locking mechanism before unfolding
  • Unfold one side at a time
  • Lock the frame open once fully extended

Releasing the Lock

The first step when opening your Britax stroller is locating the lock or latch mechanism that keeps it closed. This is commonly located in the center of the stroller near the handlebar.

On the B-Lively, you’ll find a large round button. Push this button in to release the lock. For the B-Free, there is a gray tab that says “push.” Slide this tab down to release.

Always refer to your specific stroller’s manual for instructions on finding and releasing the lock. This allows the frame to extend – a crucial first step!

Troubleshooting a Stuck Lock

Based on my experience unfolding Britax strollers, I’ve encountered sticky release buttons that don’t depress easily. Here are some tips if you find the lock stuck:

  • Try pressing the release from different angles
  • Wipe away any debris or sand on the button or tab
  • Use your body weight to lean into the release

Unfolding the Frame

Once the locking mechanism is released, you can start unfolding the stroller frame. Britax recommends extending one side at a time rather than forcing both sides up simultaneously.

Stand with the stroller handle directly facing you. Use both hands to lift one side about halfway up. Then reposition your hands to lift the other side until fully extended. This prevents putting too much strain on the folding joints.

Unfold slowly and gently. For the last bit of extension, carefully pull up on the center handlebar for alignment. Avoid pressing down on the handles, as this jams the folding joints.

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How to Open a Britax Stroller: Tip for a Smooth Unfold

Through my experience opening B-Lively and B-Free models, I’ve picked up a handy tip for a smooth, effortless unfold:

  • Rock the stroller gently back and forth as you lift each side to “nudge” the frame open bit by bit.

Locking the Frame

The final crucial step is re-engaging the frame lock once the stroller is fully open. This secures the Britax stroller in the unfolded position for safe use.

On the B-Lively, simply push the round center button back into lock. For the B-Free, slide the gray tab back up into the closed position.

Always double check that the release mechanism is fully locked before placing your child in the stroller. Gently push on the handlebar to verify the frame is rigid.

Avoid Forgetting the Lock

As a parent familiar with these Britax strollers, I’ve picked up some reminders to avoid forgetting this important last step:

  • Put your hand back on the lock after extending the frame
  • Ask your partner to verify the lock is engaged
  • Visibly check before placing child in stroller

How to Unfold Britax b-Agile Stroller

Unfolding the Britax B-Agile stroller is quick and simple:

1. Place the stroller on the ground in a clear space with the wheels facing down.

2. Locate the fold lock on the side and disengage it so the frame can be moved.

3. Use one hand to pull up on the handlebar until the stroller frame begins to take shape.

4. With your other hand, push down on the side hinge until it clicks into place in the open position.

5. The auto-lock mechanisms will click when the frame is fully extended and locked.

6. Double check that the fold lock is engaged to prevent accidental closure.

7. You can now attach the canopy and prepare the B-Agile for use!

Refer to the user guide for tips on getting a smooth, quick open and achieving the compact fold when needed. Enjoy the maneuverability

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How to Unfold Britax B-Ready Stroller

The Britax B-Ready stroller features a simple 3-step unfold:

1. Release the frame lock on the side so the stroller can be moved.

2. Use one hand to lift up on the handlebar until partially open. Stop when resistance is felt.

3. With the other hand, push down on the side hinge marked “Push” until an audible click is heard locking it in place.

4. The frame will now be fully extended and locked. Engage the frame lock again for use.

5. Open the canopy, attach seats as desired, and you’re ready to roll!

To fold, reverse the steps pushing the opposite side buttons marked “Push to Close”. Collapse slowly without pinching fingers. Refer to the manual for complete opening, closing, and seat configurations.

Britax B-Lively Stroller Seat Adjustment

The Britax B-Lively stroller seat can be adjusted as baby grows:

– The leg rest can flip up for toddlers who need more foot room.

– The canopy has multiple positions to follow the sun.

– The harness straps can be adjusted at the shoulders for height.

– The crotch buckle can be moved outward for larger children.

– The back recline can be adjusted into a more upright toddler position.

– The foot rest height can be changed by moving the strap through the buckle.

Consult the manual for how to safely adjust each component. Proper harness tightness and recline angle for age should be followed. Adjust regularly for comfort

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Is The Britax B-Lively a Jogging Stroller

No, the Britax B-Lively is a standard lightweight stroller, not designed for jogging. Features that make it unsuitable for jogging include:

– Smaller wheels without a fixed front wheel for stability at higher speeds.

– Lack of shock absorbers or suspension system to cushion a jogging stride.

– Standard wheel axles without ball bearings for low rolling resistance.

– Foam, not pneumatic, tires.

– Lighter weight frame and components not made for jogging impacts.

– Canopy and seat not optimized to keep child stable during a bumpy jog.

The Britax B-Lively works great for everyday use, travel, and walking. But a true jogging stroller with larger air-filled tires, fixed front wheel, and safety features would be a better choice for runners.


Opening a Britax stroller is simple once you know the proper techniques. Identify the release lock, unlatch it, and extend one side at a time. Re-lock the frame fully open for safety. With practice, you’ll be able to flip your stroller open smoothly with one hand

I hope these instructions provide an authoritative guide to easily operating your Britax stroller based on my parental experience. The key is understanding your model’s specific mechanics and taking care not to force anything. Let me know if you have any other Britax stroller tips and tricks!

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