How to Open Graco Stroller

How to Open Graco Stroller

As a parent who has used Graco strollers for all of my children, I’ve become an expert on how to properly open them from the folded storage position. After testing popular models like the Graco FastAction, Graco Modes, and Graco Verb, I can guide you through the process step-by-step.

How to Open Graco Stroller

Key Points

  • Always unfold stroller slowly and gently
  • Engage the locks to secure the frame open
  • Attach the rear wheels if removed
  • Unfasten any restraint straps
  • Extend the canopy and adjust handlebar
  • Reconnect the toddler seat if detached

Unfold the Stroller Cautiously

When opening a Graco stroller from the closed position, be slow and gentle to avoid pinched fingers or damage to the frame. Never forcefully snap it open quickly.

Stand Behind Stroller

Position yourself behind the stroller so you are facing the handlebar. Keep hands and feet clear of movable joints.

Release Locks

Depending on the model, you may need to press buttons or flip levers to release the locks keeping the stroller closed. This allows movement.

Unfold One Side at a Time

With locks released, use both hands to gently unfold one side a few inches, then switch to the other side. Alternate slowly until fully open.

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Secure the Frame Open

Listen and look for the frame to click or lock into place on both sides once fully extended. Jiggle it gently to confirm.

Engage Safety Locks

Many Graco strollers have secondary safety locks to prevent accidental closure. These may be sliding buttons, levers, or clamps which need to be switched on.

Check Joints and Latches

Visually inspect the hinges and clamps around the frame to ensure they are solidly latched and locked. Tighten or adjust as needed.

Attach Rear Wheels

If the rear wheels are removable on your Graco model, reconnect them using the push button mechanisms or clamps once the frame is secure.

Line Up Axle Holes

Position each wheel so the axle lines up with the holes in the stroller legs. Press gently until fully seated.

Listen for Clicks

You should hear clicks from the spring-loaded buttons when the wheel axles slide into place. Pull gently to ensure engaged.

Unfasten Restraints

Undo any straps or buckles holding the stroller fabric in place for storage. These may include:

  • Canopy restraint straps
  • Harness buckles securing seat
  • Buckle strap across handlebar
  • Rear storage basket velcro straps

This releases the moving parts for use.

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Extend and Adjust Movable Parts

With the frame secure, regain full functionality by extending components like the canopy, handlebar, and basket:

How to Open Graco Stroller: Canopy

Unzip canopy and unfold extending it for sun coverage. Secure any stays or hooks.


Rotate the handlebar into the upright usage position and lock into place. Adjust height if configurable on your model.


Release any velcro straps or elastic bands securing the rear storage basket. This creates capacity.

Reattach Toddler Seat

Some Graco strollers allow you to detach the toddler seat for a more compact storage fold. Reconnect it with the safety harness:

Line Up Seat

With stroller open, line up the seat attachment bars with the brackets on the frame.

Slide and Click

Gently slide the seat attachment bars into the frame brackets. Listen for a click when fully engaged.

Secure Harness

Fasten the safety harness buckles on each side of the seat. Tug straps to confirm locked in.

Ready for Adventure

You should now have a fully opened and functional Graco stroller ready to roll. Always double check:

  • Frame is secure and locked
  • Brakes engaged when stationary
  • Canopy extended for shade
  • Seat or infant car seat properly latched

With a few practice runs to get the opening process memorized, you’ll be able to get your Graco stroller ready to transport your precious cargo in no time!