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How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

If you’re a necklace lover, you know the struggle that comes with untangling knotted chains and cords each time you want to wear them. Necklaces seem to have a mind of their own, twisting and turning into knots in between wears. But with some simple storage solutions on how to store necklaces without tangling, you can keep necklaces tangle-free and ready to grab for any outfit.

How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

Key Tips for Storing Necklaces

  • Use storage hooks, racks, and stands to keep necklaces untangled
  • Hang chains neatly coiled or straight rather than balled up
  • Separate and compartmentalize different necklaces
  • Consider covered boxes or jewelry cases for fragile chains
  • For travel, use small pouches to prevent friction and knots

Causes of Necklace Tangling

Before we get into solutions on how to store necklaces without tangling, let’s look at a few reasons necklaces tend to get tangled in storage:

  • Thin chains – Delicate chains like gold tend to twist up easier than thicker links.
  • Long lengths – Longer necklaces have more opportunity to knot up.
  • Pendants – Attached pendants can weigh down chains and contribute to tangling.
  • Friction – Rubbing against other jewelry and materials creates knots.
  • Motion – Any sudden shaking or bouncing can cause cords to tangle.

Knowing what makes necklaces prone to tangling allows us to find storage solutions that avoid these causes.

How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

Necklace Storage Racks & Holders

Specialized jewelry storage racks and holders keep necklaces neatly organized to prevent friction and knots. Here are some great options:

  • Wall hooks – Hooks screwed into a wall or hung on removable sticker pads allow you to neatly hang necklaces spaced apart.
  • Tower racks – Freestanding vertical towers have multiple rods or hooks to hang necklaces vertically without touching.
  • Hanging racks – These can mount over a closet rod or on the wall to hang multiple necklaces separately.
  • Rotating stands – Spinning stands allow you to hang and easily view necklaces without tangling.

The key is using storage tools that keep necklace chains and cords separate from each other. This prevents them from winding around other necklaces. Vertical storage is ideal so gravity doesn’t cause dangling necklaces to overlap.

Jewelry Boxes & Travel Cases

For extra protection, store necklaces inside covered jewelry boxes and travel pouches:

  • Jewelry boxes – Look for compartments sized perfectly for necklaces or vertical posts to hang them in the jewelry box.
  • Travel cases – Bring necklaces tangled-free in cases with padded slots or hooks to hold them separately.
  • Zip bags – Place each necklace in its own resealable plastic bag before putting in a box or case.

The limits of a box or case help prevent necklaces from moving around and tangling with other contents. Use it alongside wall hooks or racks for easy access.

Necklace Storage By Type

Certain necklace types may need specialized storage considerations:

  • Chains – Hang chains straight or neatly coiled on hooks. Don’t ball up chains.
  • Chokers – Lay flat in compartments or small boxes.
  • Pendants – Store pendant necklaces hanging vertically to prevent extra knots.
  • Braided – Keep simple and avoid contact points that can catch and tangle braided cords.
  • Delicate – Place extra delicate chains in soft fabric pouches first before hanging.

Knowing the best position to store each necklace type helps optimize the storage setup and prevent tangles.

How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

Necklace Storage By Material

The material a necklace is made of can also impact how to store it tangle-free:

  • Gold/silver – Coil loosely or hang these delicate chains vertically with space between.
  • Beaded – Lay flat or hang to prevent beads from catching and knotting.
  • Leather/cord – Keep away from moisture. Hang straight or coil cords gently.
  • Pearls – Store flat in a lined box or pouch to prevent fraying and damage.

Adjust storage based on what the necklace is made of to give it the conditions it needs to avoid tangling.

Storing Necklaces for Travel

Hitting the road? Use these tips to keep necklaces knot-free during travel:

  • Pack each necklace in its own plastic bag or soft pouch before putting in your suitcase.
  • Opt for a jewelry case with compact, separated compartments or slots that hold each necklace individually.
  • Wrap delicate chains in a small piece of fabric before bagging or packing in a case.
  • Store chains in the base of the suitcase, cushioned by clothing items.
  • Consider a travel hook that can mount on the wall to neatly hang necklaces at your destination.

Avoid just throwing all your necklaces into a bag to prevent them from reaching maximum knot capacity by the time you arrive

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How to Pack Necklaces With Straws

– Cut straws into pieces a few inches long
– Thread necklace through straw piece, close clasp
– Insert ends of straw into small box to keep necklaces separate
– Wrap straws holding necklaces in tissue paper
– Place wrapped straws neatly in jewelry case or bag
– Securely close case and pack in suitcase

How to Store Necklaces in a Box

How to Store Necklaces in a Box Without Tangling

– Use a box with compartments or dividers to separate necklaces
– Layer necklaces in small sealable plastic bags or jewelry pouches
– Place tissue paper between each necklace layer
– Secure clasp on each necklace with a binder clip
– Wrap chains around cardboard pieces to prevent tangling
– Seal box tightly and store in cool, dry place

How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

How to Store Necklaces in a Drawer

– Install drawer dividers to separate necklaces in compartments
– Hang necklaces on small hooks mounted inside drawer
– Loop necklaces around bound straws to keep them untangled
– Place each necklace in a small resealable plastic bag
– Line bottom of drawer with non-slip shelf liner to prevent sliding
– Keep drawer free of moisture and extremes in temperature

How to Pack Necklaces With Plastic Wrap

– Stretch out a long piece of plastic wrap on flat surface
– Lay necklace flat in center and fold plastic wrap over top
– Wrap tightly, pressing out excess air
– Twist ends of plastic wrap to seal necklace inside
– Wrap sealed necklaces together in a bundle
– Place bundle in suitcase, box or jewelry case for traveling

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How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling DIY

– Mount small cup hooks on a board to hang necklaces separately
– Use a magnetic strip to hold necklace chains in place
– Thread necklaces onto bound straws or empty toilet paper rolls
– Hang necklaces on push pins pressed into a cork board
– Place each necklace in an individual small plastic bag
– Store necklaces flat in a compartmentalized box

How to Keep Necklaces From Tangling When Storing

– Use dividers or compartments to separate necklaces in storage
– Seal each necklace individually in a resealable plastic bag
– Wrap chains around cardboard pieces to hold shape
– Secure clasps together with binder clips
– Thread chains onto straws or small hangers
– Hang necklaces on hooks or pegs on a board

Tips for Detangling Knotted Necklaces

Even with great storage methods, necklaces sometimes get tangled. Here are some tips for detangling:

  • Work over a table or tray to catch any beads that may come loose.
  • Gently tug and loosen to find the main knots, don’t just pull hard.
  • Use tweezers or pliers wrapped in cloth for grip on slippery knots.
  • Add a drop of lubricant like jewelry polish, olive oil or soapy water to loosen stubborn knots.
  • Patiently pick apart the knot’s loops rather than yanking the chain.
  • Avoid pulling joints, clasps or fragile areas too hard.

Persistence and care are key to getting necklaces detangled without breakage. Prevention is still the best solution by storing them correctly

FAQs on How to Store Necklaces Without Tangling

Should Necklaces Be Stored Flat or Hanging?

Hanging necklaces vertically prevents overlap and tangling best. But delicate chains can be kept untangled stored flat in compartments too.

How Do You Store Bead Necklaces?

Lay beaded necklaces flat in a compartment box or lined jewelry case. Hang vertically on a rack if the beads are tightly fastened enough to not catch and knot.

How Do You Untangle a Knotted Necklace Chain?

Work carefully, adding lubricant as needed. Use tweezers to grip knots and gently loosen the loops rather than pulling hard. Patiently pick apart each section of the knot.

Should You Store Necklaces Clasped or Unclasped?

Keeping necklaces unclasped when stored can help prevent tangles and knots in the chain since it lays flat. But it’s fine to store clasped as long as the chain hangs untwisted.

Keep Your Necklaces Tangle-Free

With this guide on how to store necklaces without tangling, you have plenty of storage solutions to keep pesky necklace knots at bay. Proper organizers prevent overlap and friction that leads to tangles. And handling delicate chains carefully reduces twists and knots while detangling.

Use racks, hooks, compartments and cases that fit your jewelry collection and display necklaces so they hang or lay individually. With some strategy, you can enjoy necklaces ready to wear each time without the hassle of tangling