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How to Wash a Minky Blanket

How to Wash a Minky Blanket

Minky blankets are cherished for their irresistibly soft, plush texture. However, properly caring for these fabrics requires a gentle approach when it comes time to wash. In this guide, we’ll cover the best way on how to wash a minky blanket to maintain their luxury feel and quality.

How to Wash a Minky Blanket

How to Wash a Minky Blanket

Key Tips

  • Wash on delicate cycle in cold water
  • Use a mild detergent and skip fabric softener
  • Never wring or twist minky fabric
  • Tumble dry low and remove promptly
  • Avoid bleaching or using harsh detergents

Why Special Care is Needed for Minky Fabric

Minky blanket fabric consists of a soft polyester pile layered onto a polyester or cotton knit base. The delicate fibers require gentle care to avoid damage. Here’s why minky needs special treatment when washing:

  • Pilling – The plush pile is prone to pilling if rubbed too aggressively.
  • Shrinking – High heat can cause minky fabric to shrink.
  • Snagging – Loose threads get pulled, creating snags or holes.
  • Fading – Harsh detergents and bleach can diminish minky’s vivid colors.
  • Misshaping – The minky pile can become crushed if mishandled.

By following the proper washing guidelines, you can keep a minky blanket looking and feeling soft and plush for years.

How to Wash Minky Couture Blankets

Wash minky blankets on the gentle or delicate cycle in cold water. Here are the steps:

  1. Shake it out – Shake the minky blanket outside first to remove dirt, hair and dust.
  2. Spot treat stains – Pretreat any soiled spots with a gentle laundry spray or soap.
  3. Use a mesh bag – Place the minky blanket in a mesh laundry bag before washing.
  4. Wash on delicate – Use the delicate cycle and cold water setting.
  5. Mild detergent – Use a small amount of gentle, clear detergent.
  6. No fabric softener – Avoid fabric softeners which can coat the minky fibers.
  7. Air dry – Tumble dry low and remove promptly or lay flat to dry.

This gentle process keeps minky blankets soft, fluffy, and pilling-free. Harsher washing can damage the delicate fibers.

Drying Minky Blankets

It’s important to dry minky fabrics properly to avoid shrinking. Here are two options:

  • Tumble dry low – Use the low heat setting and remove immediately when dry to prevent over drying.
  • Air dry – Lay minky blankets flat across a drying rack or furniture/bed to air dry.

If air drying, smooth out lumps or wrinkles periodically as the blanket dries. Avoid hanging minky blankets which can stretch the fabric.

How to Wash a Minky Blanket

Why Minky Blankets Shouldn’t be Machine Dried

Machine drying on high heat should be avoided since it can cause:

  • Shrinking or distortion
  • Excess pilling from friction
  • Flattening of the plush pile
  • Damage to elastic edging

The safest approach is tumble drying on low or simply air drying minky blankets after washing.

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How to Wash a Minky Blanket in The Washing Machine

Minky blankets should be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using cold water to preserve the softness of the fabric. Here are some tips:

– Shake out the blanket first to remove any loose dirt or debris. This prevents the minky fibers from getting weighed down.

– Use a mild liquid detergent made for delicates and add it according to package directions. Harsh detergents can damage minky.

– Wash the minky blanket by itself or with other delicates to prevent pilling.

– Use the gentlest wash cycle on your machine and cold water to avoid shrinking or distorting the fibers.

– You can add a fabric softener to the rinse if desired, but use sparingly.

– Avoid using the high speed spin cycle as it can tangle a minky blanket. Opt for a slow, gentle spin.

– Air dry the blanket flat or hang to dry to maintain softness. Do not machine dry.

With the proper gentle wash method, a minky blanket can be refreshed and cleaned safely in the washing machine. Handle with care to preserve the luxuriously soft texture.

How to Wash Minky Blanket By Hand

For extra gentle cleaning, minky blankets can be hand washed:

– Fill a sink, tub, or basin with cool water and add a small amount of mild liquid laundry detergent. Avoid harsh detergents.

– Fully submerge the minky blanket in the water and let soak for 15-20 minutes allowing the detergent to penetrate fibers.

– Gently move the blanket around and massage any especially dirty areas to loosen soil.

– Drain the water and refill with clean cool water for rinsing. Rinse twice if needed to remove all detergent.

– Support the blanket’s weight while lifting out of the water. Do not wring or twist.

– Roll the blanket in a clean towel to remove excess moisture.

– Lay flat across several towels on the floor or a bed to air dry.

Hand washing allows meticulous cleaning while being gentle on a minky blanket’s soft texture. Take care not to agitate too harshly when soaking and rinsing.

How Often Should I Wash My Minky Blanket

It is recommended to wash minky blankets every 1-2 months or as needed. Minky fabric is delicate and washing too frequently can cause pilling, shrinkage, and fiber damage over time. Here are some washing tips:

– Wash only when visibly dirty or has an odor. Spot clean minor stains as needed.

– Use a gentle wash cycle and mild detergent to prevent fabric damage.

– Wash the minky blanket separately from other items.

– Check the manufacturer’s tag for any special wash instructions.

– Inspect for stains pre-wash and pretreat as needed.

– Air dry completely to retain softness and avoid clumping.

– Store out of direct sunlight when not in use to prevent fading.

Wash a minky blanket only when essential to maintain its luxury feel and extend its lifespan. Be very gentle with these delicate fabrics.

How to Wash a Minky Blanket

How to Make a Minky Blanket Soft Again

If a minky blanket has become less soft, here are some tips to restore softness:

– Hand wash using a gentle shampoo or hair conditioner, which act as fabric softeners.

– Add 1-2 tablespoons of hair conditioner or fabric softener to washing machine rinse cycle.

– While damp, use a fabric shaver/defuzzer to remove any pilled fibers.

– Tumble dry low heat briefly with clean tennis balls to fluff up fibers.

– Use a clothes steamer to penetrating fibers and restore plushness.

– For stubborn spots, use a diluted vinegar solution rubbed into fabric.

– Avoid over-washing and always air dry to prevent loss of softness.

With some revitalizing treatments, like Barefoot Dreams Blanket a minky blanket can regain its irresistible soft texture and feel brand new again.

How to Wash Minky Fabric Before Sewing

It’s recommended to pre-wash minky fabric before sewing a blanket to prevent shrinkage. Here’s how:

– Cut fabric pieces according to your pattern first before washing.

– Use a gentle wash cycle on cold and mild detergent.

– Wash minky fabric by itself or with other delicates, no heavy items.

– Hang or lay flat to air dry completely. Do not machine dry.

– Lightly steam or use a fabric shaver to remove any pilled nubs.

– Wash twice if fabric seems especially prone to shedding.

– Press gently with an iron on low heat to prevent distortion.

– Refold along pattern lines, ready for cutting final sewing edges.

Pre-treating minky fabric removes excess fibers and prevents later shrinkage. Always handle gently and air dry thoroughly before crafting into blankets.

Tips on How to Wash a Minky Blanket

Follow these expert recommendations when laundering minky blankets:

  • Shake outdoors first – This removes dust and debris before washing.
  • Wash every 1-3 uses – Wash when visibly dirty to limit wear and tear.
  • Stick to cold water – Hot water can cause fading and shrinkage.
  • Use clear detergents – Dyed detergents can bleed onto the fabric.
  • Don’t wring or twist – This can damage the minky fibers.

With proper laundry methods, a minky blanket will maintain its ultra soft texture for many cozy nights of use.

Caring for Minky Blankets

Implement the following care tips to keep minky blankets looking their plush best:

  • Spot treat stains promptly to avoid setting in.
  • Use a protective duvet cover to limit direct contact.
  • Fluff the pile gently if it becomes flattened.
  • Fold loosely and avoid creasing when storing.
  • Rotate between several minky blankets to distribute wear.

With the right washing, drying and general care, a minky blanket will maintain its indulgent softness for years on end.

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Enjoy the Cozy Luxury of Your Minky Blanket

Understanding how to properly wash and care for minky blankets helps ensure they stay plush and luxurious for the long run. By using gentle cycles, mild detergents and low heat, you can keep a minky blanket looking and feeling fabulous.

Refer to these tips before tossing your favorite minky blanket in the wash. With the proper care, you’ll enjoy the irresistible softness of minky for years to come.


Can I Wash minky in Washing Machine?

Yes, you can wash minky fabrics and blankets in the washing machine. Use a gentle cycle and cold water. Wash minky items separately to prevent pilling. Do not use fabric softener. Tumble dry low to retain softness.

How Often Should You Wash Your Minky?

Only wash minky blankets every few months or when soiled to maintain softness. Frequent washing can cause premature wear. Spot clean when needed between full washes. Use a gentle detergent and cold water to prevent damage to the delicate fibers.

How Do You Wash a Minky Blanket and Keep it Soft?

Wash minky blankets in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Air dry or tumble dry low. Brush with a soft bristle brush after drying to lift the nap. This removes pills and restores softness.

Can You Wash Minky in Warm Water?

It’s best to wash minky fabric in cold water to prevent shrinking or damaging the delicate fibers. However, using a gentle cycle with warm water is acceptable if needed to remove heavier soiling. Always air dry or tumble dry on low after washing minky.

Can Minky Blankets Be Dried?

Yes, minky blankets can be dried after washing but always use the low heat setting. High heat can damage or matt the soft minky fibers. Tumble drying helps restore loft and fluffiness. You can also air dry minky blankets flat.

Is Minky Softer Than Fleece?

Yes, minky fabric is generally softer than fleece. It has a silky nap or pile that gives it an ultra soft, plush feel compared to fleece’s napped surface. Minky also comes in heavier weights with more pile for added softness and warmth.

What Laundry Detergent is Best for Minky Blankets?

The best laundry detergents for washing minky blankets are gentle, hypoallergenic formulas like Ecos, Seventh Generation, or baby detergents. Harsh detergents can strip the oils that make minky soft. Always use a mild, plant-based formula.

What Makes Minky Blankets so Soft?

Minky’s super soft texture comes from its unique polyester fibers, brushed finish, and long, dense pile. Its plush, velvety nap feels plush against the skin. Minky also comes in heavyweight options for more warmth and softness. The fabric is durable too.

What is The Best Way to Wash a Minky Couture Blanket?

For Minky Couture blankets, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with a hypoallergenic detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry or tumble dry low. Use a soft brush to lift the nap when dried. Spot clean when needed between full washes.

How Do You Take Care of a Minky?

Caring for minky includes washing occasionally in cold water, air drying or tumble drying low, spot cleaning spills promptly, and brushing with a soft bristle brush to revive pile. Store folded to avoid creases. Do not iron. Handle gently to maintain the soft, plush texture.

What are Minky Blankets Made Of?

Minky blankets are made from 100% polyester fibers, often with a nylon backing. The soft, brushed pile that resembles suede is created by weaving and finishing techniques. Minky can also contain rayon or spandex for stretch. It’s a durable, machine-washable fabric.

Does Minky Fabric Bleed?

No, minky fabric does not bleed or leak dye when washed properly as it is solution dyed. Always launder minky blankets in cold water to prevent any potential bleeding issues. Hot water carries a small risk of bleeding with any fabric.

Are Minky Blankets Safe?

Yes, minky blankets are considered safe. They meet textile safety standards for softness, durability and chemical processing. Reputable brands use Oeko-Tex certified fabrics. Always buy high-quality minky blankets from trusted manufacturers.